In Indiaaaarrrrgh!


We finally made it here.  “Here” is New Delhi, Paha Ganj a writhing, stinking, hole of an area in the main bazaar.  Cows compete for road space alongside hawkers, market sellers, beggers with no arms / legs / feet (insert other missing appendage here).

Every time we step out of our hotel we are prejected into pure madness and chaos.  I love it.  Everything and everyone feels alive and on the brink of breaking down at the same time.

It’s a good thing that Fie cant smell at the moment.  She doesnt know how lucky she is in amongst this place of rotting poo and bits of “stuff” that my open toed sandles seem to slide into.

So we are here finally and Turkey is behind us – we had a small nightmare on the day of our flight.  To put it mildly we had to run to the checkout point in Istanbul airport, because the shipment of the bike held us up right until the last minute, it was a catastrophic nightmare, but somehow we seemed to make it.  I have no idea how.  At one point I was running with a customs official to ANOTHER office accross the aiport car park for the 5th time in the 100 degree heat, laughing …..because the other alternative was the lose it.

So today I made it to customs and will see how much bribing is needed to get the bike out of the airport.  I hope its not much because the flight here was WELL over our budget.

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  1. Danny Burroughs says:

    Jus read your question on…….(Rest Lost)

  2. Danny Burroughs says:

    Sorry about quality of typing on last post iv just read it I think half of the keypad is sticking

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